Status Quo – Oh No ! !

Everyone in business has had a moment when they wished their business could just be predictable and reach a point of status quo. A point where every day is predictable and surprises are all good, if they come at all. Each day runs according to plan and no day requires more hours than you want to give. A mythical point of homeostasis – a moment of relative stable equilibrium. For some business leaders, this mythical vision consumes their every waking hour.

There are likely as many reasons for this desire as there are business owners. Maybe it’s a desire to spend more time with the family or attempting to please a previous owner who remembers the way the business ran when they were in charge – maybe even a parent.

The adage that the only constant in business is change is truer now than ever in our past. We live in an age where a growing number of consumers prefer to purchase their items on their phone vs. working with a store attendant. Some retail locations are investing in apps that allow users to scan bar codes as they shop in a retail store and pay with their phone before leaving the store thus avoiding interaction with store employees. Much of this is driven by the growth of online shopping and the ease of shopping from the comfort of your own home.

If you are searching for a point of homeostasis, now might be a good time to think about how you define this point. A new point of equilibrium might be just the change you need. This time, you need to decide how much change and revolution works for you. The ideal solution might be to make change part of your Status Quo before you look back on your business and see an Oh No !!!

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