A Different World

The past few months have turned all elements of life in a completely new direction.  Jobs that were once considered secure were magically gone in the matter of a few days.  The challenges for individuals and companies are on an unprecedented scale.

For individuals, now is the time to take stock of your true skills and apply them in new industries or in new ways.  Maybe it is time to start that new business you have always wondered about or take the recent shift in life to take a lesser job that improves personal and family health.  This is a once in a lifetime chance to start over and a time to make the most of those things that will bring long term happiness.

For companies, now is the ideal time to adjust your products, product lines and facilities for the future.  The market challenges will likely be different than they were during the Enduranceannual planning time at the end of 2019.  The first step is to re-address your planning with your entire management team, especially your sales and marketing teams.  Now, more than ever, companies need their revenue team focused on those products that can be converted into cash quickly.  For that to be successful, you need their heart in full alignment.

More importantly, now is the time to keep the needs of employees in mind.  With the extensive use of work from home many employees will have regained their health and found their families again.   Alternatively, it is likely that some of your employees may no longer be a fit for the new direction of the company.  Retaining an employee who is no longer a fit for the business or is not able to put their full intensity into the actions required for recovery is unfair to those employees who are committed.  Many times, keeping an employee who is not in a position where they can be effective is not fair to the employee.

For individuals and companies alike, now is the time for an honest review of strengths, weaknesses and what is required for the best long term results in the “New Normal” we are living today.

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