Free your mind to end the year.

2019 has been a year of great change. The economy alone will be one for the record books and likely many sales targets will be referencing the great sales of 2019 for years to come. The team at Fox River Group is looking forward to the time away and to celebrate the good fortune of our inaugural year.

For most people, today is the start of the most important time of the year. Everyone has their own reason. For some it is celebrating the birth of a savior, others it is a festival of lights and yet others it is a celebration of heritage. For those of you involved in business, this period likely signal’s an end to the couple month long siege of the 2020 planning cycle. However, for most people, it is likely the one time of the year when they can have some form of time away in our always connected world.

Time away from the day-to-day rigors of life should not be overlooked. This is also the time that rejuvenates the soul and provides the fire to tackle the next set of challenges. Entering the new year with a clear mind not only gives you the renewed sense of energy but it also cascades to team members, family and people in our everyday lives. In his best-selling book “Getting Things Done”, David Allen introduces a method of clearing the mind. David outlines the value of writing down thoughts on an 8.5”x11”/A3 piece of paper as they come to mind. The real value comes in being able to conveniently log these thoughts and have them retrievable when you are ready to re-engage in the new year.

For me, I am planning to modify a tip from David Allen and grab a stack of 3” X 5”/A1/A2 note cards & a binder clip to log my thoughts on as I decompress. This hopefully will free my mind to think about the great ideas stuck somewhere in my mind and I can review, evaluate and deal with them on January 1st when I start my preparation for the restart.

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